Experience the Next Level of Rejuvenation at Ardsley Dental Spa

At Ardsley Dental Spa, we’re thrilled to introduce our state-of-the-art Fractional Plasma Skin Tightening procedure. Using cutting-edge Alma Opus Plasma® technology, this noninvasive treatment is designed to tighten and firm loose skin. By delivering targeted radiofrequency and plasma energies deep into the skin, we stimulate elastin and collagen production, revealing a more youthful complexion.

Dr. Hinna Chaudhry, our Doctor of Dental Medicine, specializes in elevating loose, sagging skin and minimizing fine lines around key areas such as the eyes, brow area, neck, cheeks, and mouth. Contact our team in Ardsley, NY to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chaudhry and discover if Opus skin tightening is the right solution for your aesthetic concerns.

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Plasma Skin Tightening FAQs


The cost of microplasma skin tightening may vary based on the number of sessions required to achieve your goals. During your initial appointment, Dr. Chaudhry will discuss your objectives and create a personalized treatment plan, including cost details.

Recovery Time:

Most patients experience minimal downtime after Opus Plasma skin rejuvenation. You may notice small, red crusts on the treated area, which typically fall off naturally within about one week. We recommend avoiding picking at your skin and minimizing sun exposure during the recovery period.


While many individuals notice improvements in wrinkles and sagging after a single treatment, our team generally recommends 2 or 3 sessions for optimal results. During your cosmetic consultation, Dr. Chaudhry will assess the condition of your skin and tailor the treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals.