Modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of care that restorative and cosmetic dental offices like Ardsley Dental Spa can provide.

The benefits of using the latest technologies include maximum health, comfort, function, and aesthetics.

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The Biolase MD Laser is an all tissue laser that enhances patient comfort and gives a better patient experience. It combines laser energy and a spray of water to cut soft tissue and bone without heat. Patients report many benefits, such as less swelling and post-operative patinent sensitivity. The laser many times avoids the stress of drills and needles and greatly decreases the need for anesthetics.

Joint Vibration Analysis

JVA is a 3-minute, non-invasive test that is ADA accepted and is based on principles of motion and friction. Rough surfaces create friction and vibrations when they articulate. The energy is measured, and then through computer analysis, an accurate objective diagnosis of the jaw joint may be formulated, and the correct treatment can follow. The data gathered allows the differentiation of stretched ligaments, partial or full disk displacement, or degenerative joint disease. This gathering of recordable, measurable, and reproducible data from the patient is unprecedented in TMJ therapy.

Computerized Occlusal (Bite) Analysis

T-Scan® uses a computerized pressure-sensitive sensor with 2200 sensing points to measure occlusal time and force in 3/1000 of a second. It allows one to see what is invisible to the naked eye. Previously, dentistry has used inked paper, which has been shown in several studies to be highly inaccurate. This instrument is used as a diagnostic tool, finishing tool, and of significant aid in patient understanding and awareness of their bite issues. The use of the T-Scan is an extremely important technology used to achieve the goal of bite therapy – a balanced occlusion with healthy jaw joints and muscles.

Computerized Shade Matching

Vident Easyshade is a reliable, simple to use spectrophotometer. It instantly provides dental shade analysis to help determine the best color match and allow us to achieve consistent high-level esthetic results.

Oral Cancer Screening

Velscope is a hand-held device that provides a system for the early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including pre-cancer and cancer. It is an FDA-approved hand-held device used in conjunction with an oral soft tissue exam and works through tissue fluorescence. This is an optical phenomenon that causes abnormal tissue to appear a different color. Potential areas of concern will show a marked lack of fluorescence, appearing dark when viewed against the healthy tissue. The incidence of oral cancer is on the rise (more than 34000 Americans will be diagnosed this year), and when found in the early stages of development, there is an 80-90% survivor rate.

Intraoral Camera

The Carestream camera is an amazing technology that allows our patients to see the inside of their mouths during an examination. It is sometimes difficult for patients to understand the need for care or home maintenance when they can’t see it for themselves. Our patients see everything we see, so they completely understand our treatment recommendations.

Digital Radiography

Dexis is the most highly awarded digital x-ray system. It’s a state-of-the-art sensor that delivers high-quality, high-resolution images with image enhancement capabilities. The sensor maximizes patient comfort with a refined design and, most importantly, allows for lowered radiation dosages. There is no longer a need for developing chemicals that are harmful to the environment. When the sensor detects radiation, the highly sophisticated software uses 16,000 shades of gray; it saves dates and tooth numbers and correctly orients the image.

Intraoral Isolation System

Isolite is a revolutionary device that greatly improves the delivery of restorative dentistry. It delivers continuous LED illumination, aspiration, and retraction in one device. It is very comfortable for the patient and continually suctions fluids and oral debris to prevent inadvertent aspiration of material while retracting and protecting the tongue and cheek. These features and the bright illumination allows the treatment to proceed more quickly with a higher level of effectiveness.

iTero Scanner

We use the iTero scanner to create a 3D model of your teeth that displays your current dental health status. It also shows your progress between appointments as you return for check-ups and treatments. Your dentist can show you the kind of results you can expect when your treatment is complete. The scanner is very useful in Invisalign cases because it allows us to show you how your smile will look at the end of your treatment.